DEC 15 / 8:00 PM



Bachir Osta, Conductor

The Saint Stephanos Choir was founded in 2009 by Mr. Bachir Osta, head of The Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School of byzantine Music.

Mr. Osta is also the first chanter of the See of Antioch, who gathered a large number of skilled chanters in the Eparchy of Beirut and Jbeil as well as students of the School.

The Choir presented many recitals and served many masses and prayers (parochial masses and prayers, ordination of priests and bishops, joint recitals with other choirs…)

All members of the Choir are experienced chanters of Byzantine music, as well as students of the Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School, who gradually enter the Choir upon acquiring all required skills and knowledge.

Bachir Fouad Osta started taking interest in the Byzantine music at his early adolescence where he joined the Beirut Orthodox School of Church Music, led by Father Romanos Gebran.
He moved to Greece to pursue advanced courses in Byzantine Music. He obtained a “Diploma” from the Yorgos Foudoulis Conservatory under the supervision of Konstandinos Karagounis, in addition pursuing a post-graduate program in the conservatory of Athens under the supervision of Yorgos Constandinou.
Bachir currently teaches the Byzantine Music at the National Conservatory and the St Anne Seminary in Rabweh, and is the Protopsaltis (Leading Chanter and Trainer) of the St. Joachim and Anne Parish.
In 2007, Bachir took in charge the Saint Stefanos The Melode School .

Later He founded The School Choir and presented many recitals in Lebanon (including Beirut chants festival 2011 and 2012 amongst others…) and abroad (2012 Summer tour in France).

Mr. Osta also obtained the first prize in the InterArtia International Festival of Music in 2009 and 2011 for the Byzantine Music.

In 2013, he featured as main speaker at the seminar: “Musical Structures and Forms of the Liturgical Melkite Chanting”, within the “Voice and Sound Prayer” Annual Seminars, organized by the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies established by the Giorigio Cini Foundation (Italy).

In 2013, he presented a workshop on the Byzantine Music within the “Voices in Harmony International Workshop” held at the Holy Spirit University – Kaslik (USEK – Lebanon).

In 2014 ,he presented a lecture on the melkite liturgical chant in the 1st international interdisciplinary Musicological conference in Greece.

In 2016 he established the first school of byzantine music in the melkite eparchy of Jordan by launching the 1st and the 2nd session in byzantine ecclesiastical music, and organizing two sessions of master class in the center of the international dialogue “Liqaa”



  1. قطع عشيّة صوم الميلاد
  2. إستعدّي يا بيت لحم (باللغة اليونانيّة)
  3. يا ربِّ إليك صرخت + القطعة الأولى من مزامير غروب عيد الميلاد
  4. أناشيد المراقي
  5. رسالة عيد الميلاد
  6. التسبحة الأولى من قانونَي عيد الميلاد في صلاة السحر. باللحن الأوّل
  7. تعظيمات التسبحة التاسعة من القانونَين
  8. قراءة تأمُّليَّة
  9. نشيد المناولة لعيد الميلاد، لدانيال المرنِّم الأوّل: «أرسل الربّ فداء لشعبه. هلِّلويا». باللحن الأوّل (باللغة اليونانيّة)
  10. المزمور 65
  11. نشيد العيد للميلاد: «ميلادُكَ أَيُّها المسيحُ إلٰهُنا». باللحن الرابع