DEC 17 / 6:00 PM



“AYC” Armenian Youth Choir of Hamazkayin Educational and Cultural Society was founded by maestro Zakar Keshishian in 2008 in to keep the young generation’s taste and interest in classical, folk and contemporary qualified music alive.

The choir has a multilingual playlist extending from Armenian and multilingual classical , contemporary and traditional folk songs to modern repertoires. These songs are performed in different styles: A capella, accompanied by the piano, accompanied by the Armenian folk traditional ensemble, and a modern contemporary band.

Several musicians from Armenia enrich the choir’s repertoire with their unique and creative works.

The choir members are mostly university students.

The choir has given concerts at the American University of Beirut (Assembly Hall), The Saint Joseph University ( St. Joseph Church), as well as concerts in Cyprus (2009, 2014) and Armenia (2016).Along its annual concerts. The choir partakes in different choral festivals such as the «Beirut Chants» Festival (2014),The Lebanese International Choir festival (2015) and All-Armenian Choral Festival in Armenia (2016).

Together with its unique folk orchestra “AYC” choir has performed “Verses of Love, Exile and Homeland” Oratorium, dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide (2015).


GARGATCH Children Chior of Hamazkayin was established in 1997 by maestro Zakar keshishian, its founding Artistic director and conductor.

GARGATCH Chior has performed annual concerts in Lebanon and held a series of concerts in Armenia (2001) and Cyprus (2007, 2009) for over 20.000 listeners. During the past 20 years, GARGATCH had more than 600 members performing scores of songs written and composed by talented poets and composers who have regularly enriched its repertoire with songs exclusively composed for the choir. The annual program includes multi-lingual ,classical and contemporary songs. GARGATCh is respected among the professional children’s choirs in Lebanon singing in four parts (Quatre voix).

In addition to annual concerts, GARGATCh has performed Christmas concerts organized by the Lebanese American University- LAU, American University Of Beirut – AUB (2008), and by the Friends of AL BUSTAN Festival (2009). In recent years, GARGATCh regularly participated in “Beirut Chants” Festival and Lebanese International Choral Festival with a program consisting of multi-lingual ,classical and contemporary repertoire . In 2014 The choir performed an especial concert by songs of renowned Lebanese composer Zaki Nassif, organized by Zaki Nassif program for music of AUB.



Piano: Liana Harutyunyan

Soprano: Shoghig Torossian

Flute: Laury Bilalian

1 – Lord’s pray / Magar Yegmalian

2 – Song of Magnification / Komitas

3 – O Amazing / Grogoris Bahlavouni- Komitas (Armenian ancient hymn dedicated to the holy baptism of Jesus Christ)

4 – Today the voice of Lord / Hovhannes Yerzengatsi – Komitas (Armenian ancient hymn dedicated to the holy baptism of Jesus Christ)

5- Hallel / Arr.: Dr. Edward Torikian (Syriac Maronite Liturgy)

6- Talj Talj / Rahbani Brothers / Arr.: Dr. Edward Torikian

7- Silent Night / F. Gruber / Arr.: Buryl Red

8- Ave Maria / G. Caccini

9- Panis Angelicus / Franc Cezar

10- Rejoice! (A Festive Carol Celebration) / Arr.: Douglas E. Wagner

11- A French Carol Suite / Arr.: Andy Beck

12-Gingle Bells / Lyrics & Music: James Pierpont / Arr.: Jack Gold & Marty Paich

13-Various Themes on “Fa la la” / Arr.: Chuck Bridwell

14-We wish you a Merry Christmas / Traditional English Carol / Arr.: Bernard Dewegtere

15-Great and Wonderful Mystery / Armenian ancient hymn , 5th c.

16-Today is the Feast of Holly Nativity / Armenian ancient Christmas carol / Arr: Arch. Zareh Aznavourian

17-Christ is Born / Lyrics: Ancient Traditional / Music: Khoren Meykhanedjian

18 – Cilicia / Kapriel Yeranian / Arr.: Boghos Jelalian