DEC 22 / 6:00 PM

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Choir

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Choir, Furn El Chebbak was founded on March 25th, 1967 by Archimandrite Antoun Hebby to serve the altar of the Lord through hymns and praise. As a secular, apostolic movement specializing in ecclesiastical chant, it is constituted of secularists from all Christian denominations without discrimination and from all professions and disciplines. Through their prayers, members of the choir touch the hearts of worshipers and lift them to spiritual heights bringing them closer to God.

Since its foundation, the Choir’s greatest mission has been to encourage and help establish choirs in other parishes. To this day, Choir leaders continue to do so based on the musical culture, education, and Psaltica lessons that the Choir teaches its members. In parallel, the Choir supports the sacredness of ritual through hymns that elevate the Soul to its Creator by performing in numerous ceremonies, liturgies, and recitals over the years in the Furn el Chebbak parish, in the Archdiocese, and in various regions of Lebanon and the Middle East. Our Lady of Perpetual Help Choir is characterized by its performance of both Byzantine and Western Polyphonic chant, a rare combination in ecclesiastical choirs.

The Choir is currently led by Mr. Sami Sawaya who maintains this calling in his heart and conscience preserving its core and working on its development so that its unique message is passed on to coming generations.


Concert Program

  • المزمور 83 ما أحب مساكنك لحن بيزنطي
  • في ذلك الوقت كُتبت مريم لحن بيزنطي 
  • هذا هو الهنا لحن بيزنطي 
  • هلم يا مؤمنون لحن بيزنطي
  • قدوس قدوس قدوس لحن غربي متعدد الأصوات
  • لما حان اوان حضورك لحن بيزنطي
  • أراميس قانون الميلاد لحن بيزنطي
  • عظمي يا نفسي انني اشاهد لحن بيزنطي – اداء منفرد
  • اياك نسبح لحن غربي متعدد الأصوات
  • فلتبتهج السماوات لحن بيزنطي
  • ان المجوس ملوك فارس لحن بيزنطي – اداء منفرد
  • هلم نشاهد كيف بيت لحم لحن بيزنطي
  • مجدا نهدي لحن غربي متعدد الأصوات