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Asil Ensemble

Asil Ensemble was established in 2003. The goal is to perform new contemporary Arabic music on the principle of internal development, i.e, To bring up new Araic music on the basis of the classical Arabic music. This approach is now necessary as a great deal of  work in Arabic music had, for more than 100 years, had experienced only one way of development, which was based on sources of development by importing other musical systems and traditions.

Asil Ensemble has produced several albums, The First is “Ruba’eyyat ElKhayyam”, 2008, and and the second was “Asil”, 2009. Asil Ensemble performed many concerts and participated in many festivals around the world such as Fes Festival for Sufi Culture in 2010, Mugam Festival, Baku in 2009 and Pole Cli festival in Bern, 2009.

Mustafa Said

  • Mustafa Said, born in Cairo, 1983.
  • Musician and musicologist.
  • Oud virtuoso and singer.
  • Founder of Asil Ensemble for Arab classical contemporary music in 2003.
  • Director of Arab Music Archiving and Research (AMAR), Lebanon, since 2010.
  • Prepares and makes “Rawdat al Balabel”, a podcast specialized in Arabic music, for AMAR & Sharja ِArt Foundation.
  • Taught at the High Institute of Music, Antonine University, Lebanon since 2006.
  • Taught at the Arab Oud House (Bait El-Oud Aal-Arabi), Cairo since 2004.
  • Produced several albums, as well as publishing music online.
  • Wrote several works for theatre, documentaries.
  • Participated in several confences, workshops and festivals.
  • Solo performer and with ensembles, given concerts in major venues around the world.


Concert Program

بين الكائن والممكن:

أمسيةٌ في الموسيقى الفصحى العربيّة التراثيّة والمعاصرة.

تحوي هذه الأمسية وصلتين، أوّلها الكائن، وهي من التراث، وثانيتهما الممكن، وهو التأليف المعاصر:

1: الكائن:

بشرف قره بطاق سيكاه، لحن خضر أغا الكماني.

موشّح قد حرّكَت أيدي النسيم.

قصيدة وحقّك أنت المنى والطلب، على نسق الشيخ أبو العلا محمّد.

توشيح ما شممت الورد، نظم الجبعي لحن الشيخ زكريّا أحمد.

2: الممكن، وجميع الألحان فيها وضع مصطفى سعيد:

حوار جماعي سيكاه.

لحن مرضي من مريضة الأجفان، نظم محيي الدين بن عربي.

قصيدة رعى الله قلباً على بانةٍ، نظم محيي الدين بن عربي، مُهداة للشيخ أبو العلا محمّد.

صوت فديناك من ربعٍ وإن زدتنا كربا، نظم أبو الطيّب المتنبّي.