30th Anniversary Celebration

Event Artists
Notre Dame University Choir
Khalil Rahme, Conductor

Limited seats available. Tickets will be available 7 days prior to each concert.

Artist's Biography

Notre Dame University Choir Biography 

With more than a dozen concerts per season, numerous recordings and publications, as well as many international awards, NDU Choir is one of Lebanon and the region’s outstanding choirs. A broad repertoire, a richly warm sound, an unmistakable interpretation all contribute to make it a permanent partner of the international festivals, and the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra and its conductors, where it functions as a musical ambassador for Beirut in the great concert halls around the world.

Established in 1993, the Notre Dame University Choir has been shaped by reverend Khalil Rahme o.m.m., who returned to Beirut after completing his music studies in Rome, to found the choir and the School of Music at Notre Dame University.

Along with the symphonic choral central repertoire, the annual season programming of the choir includes a wide range of Lebanese music, in close cooperation with celebrated composers, such as Iyad Kanaan, Gabriel Yared and Valentino Miserachs Grau, with the aim of developing and growing the Lebanese choral repertoire. Furthermore, Notre Dame University Choir is constantly developing new and unusual ways of experiencing choral music.


NDU Choir marks three decades of musical excellence this year. To commemorate this milestone, Alberto Maniaci was commissioned a cantata, skillfully putting together the memorable motets composed by Fr. Rahme over the years. This work is scored for soloists, choir and orchestra.

Event's Program

1. Overture
نشيد الدير. 2
3. Interlude
السلام عليكم. 4
5. Interlude
بضيعة زغيرة. 6
7. Interlude
هللويا ميلادية. 8
9. Interlude
أشرق النور. 10
11. Interlude
المجد لله. 12
13. Interlude
إختلطي. 14
15. Interlude
مريم العذراء 16.
17. Interlude
ارحميني .18
19. Interlude
من الأعماق. 20
21. Interlude
لتقم صلاتي. 22
23. Interlude
قديس ورا قديس .24
25. Interlude
بصالتك .26
27. Interlude
مجدا نهدي .28
29. Interlude
30. مجد لبنان


Limited seats are available. Book your ticket in advance.