St. Romanos the Melodist Choir of Beirut

In Memory of Abdallah Tamari
Event Artists
Fr. Romanos Joubran, Conductor

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Artist's Biography

“Saint Romanos the Melodist” Choir

Orthodox Archdiocese of Beirut

By the blessings of His Eminence Elias Audi, Metropolitan of Beirut, the “Saint Romanos Choir of Beirut” was founded in the year 2000. It all started with a concert held in the Saint George Church, Souk El Gharb. The choir, then, contained 30 chanters, both male and female. 

Members of the choir are essentially graduates of “The Saint Romanos School of Ecclesiastical Music” in Beirut where they study, for 5 years, everything related to Byzantine Ecclesiastical music starting from the basics. On the 5th year, the students prepare their diploma in Ecclesiastical music, then travel to Greece to sit an exam before a jury led by the Protopsaltis Spyridon Pavlakis. After finishing all the necessary studies, the students may be members of the choir led by the very reverend father Romanos Joubran.

Our choir’s purpose is to perform well known chants, especially those composed by the late Antiochian Protopsaltis Mitri Al Murr, and those composed by the late Protopsaltis of the Saint George Cathedral of Beirut Andraos Mouaikel. In addition, there are always some new compositions written by the choir’s leader Fr. Romanos. 

The choir performed many services in Arabic, Greek and English. Also, it has many published works performed by itself or in collaboration with other Orthodox choirs 

Currently, the choir contains around 50 members, both males and females. They performed on several stages and in many churches, inside Beirut and throughout Lebanon, as well as in Syria, Greece, the United States of America, and Romania.

Event's Program

ميلادك أيّها المسيح إلهنا. طروباريّة عيد الميلاد. باللحن الرابع

المسيح وُلد فمجّدون… من كاطافاسيّات الميلاد. باللحن الأوّل

عظّمي يا نفسي. تاسعة الميلاد. باللحن الأوّل

هلمّوا يا مؤمنونلما تتعجّبين يا مريم. كاثسمات الميلاد. باللحن الرابع

سبّحوا اسم الربّ. من بوليئيليون الميلاد. باللحن الخامس

ماذا نقدّم لك أيّها المسيح. باللحن الثاني

افرحوا أيّها الصدّيقونالآب سُرّ مرتضيًا. باللحن الرابع

لـمّا وُلد الربّ يسوع. باللحن الثالث

إنّ المجوس ملوك فارس (مطوّلة). باللحن الخامس

المجد لله في العلاء. باللحن السادس

أنتم الذي بالمسيح اعتمدتم. باللحن الأوّل

القسم الثاني

المسيح في بيت لحم يُولد اليوم. كاطافاسيّات الأحد قبل الميلاد. باللحن الأوّل

يا والدة الإله العذراء (مطوّلة). يونانيّ. باللحن الأوّل

يا ربّ أنصت إلى صلاتي. المزمور الخامس. باللحن الخامس

يا ربّ ارحم. يوناني. بالألحان الثامن والأوّل والخامس والسادس والسابع

نشيد ميلاديّ. مستوحى من لحن رومانيّ قديم. باللحن الأوّل


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