St. Stephanos the Melodist Choir

Event Artists
Dr. Alain Osta, Conductor

Limited seats available. Tickets will be available 7 days prior to each concert.

Artist's Biography


The Saint Stephanos Choir was founded in 2009 by Father Romanos (Bachir) Osta, head of the Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School of byzantine Music.

Fr. Romanos is also the first chanter of the see of Antioch. He gathered a large number of chanters from the Eparchy of Beirut and Jbeil which later expanded to all Lebanese Eparchies.

All members of the Choir are experienced chanters of Byzantine music, as well as students of the Saint Stephanos Patriarchal School, who gradually enter the Choir upon acquiring all required skills and knowledge.

The Choir performs many recitals through the year along with masses and prayers, ordination of priests and bishops etc.

Since 2022, the choir is cooperating with Saint Theophanis choir (founded by Fr. Romanos in the eparchy of Saida and Deir Al Qamar), Panayia Melkite choir (founded by Fr. Romanos under the auspices of the Greek Melkite Patriarch), Saint Romanos School – Zahle (under the direction of the First Chanter of Zahle Georges Riachi), and the Patriarchal Music School in Damascus, Syria (under the direction of Levon Abajian).

Today, the choir performs several liturgical and religious events under the direction of Dr. Alain Osta, the first chanter of Beirut eparchy.

Event's Program

1. ΗΠαρθένος Συμεών

2. الساعة ّ الثالثة: هذا إلهنا فلا يحسب تجاهه آخر

3. الساعة الاولى: هكذا يقول يوسف للبتول

4. قانون سحر الميلاد: التسبحة الاولى, الثالثة, والثامنة

5. التسبحة التاسعة من القانون الثاني

6. التسبحة التاسعة من القانون الأول – يوناني

7. اليوم يولد من البتول

8. نشيد الإرسال: إنّ مخلصنا

9. مزامير الباكرية

10. قطعة المجد لمزامير الباكرية: إن المجوس ملوك فارس

11. كاتافاسيات الظهور

12. أنتم الذين بالمسيح إعتمدتم


Limited seats are available. Book your ticket in advance.