The Real Deal Blues Band

Event Artists
Elie Abi Farah, Vocals & Guitars
Nidal Abi Samra , Keyboards & Saxophone
Elio Hachem, Drums
Faysal Itani, Bass
Fares Sokhon, Harmonica
Hani Alayli, Guitars

Limited seats available. Tickets will be available 7 days prior to each concert.

Artist's Biography

The Real Deal Blues Band Biography

The Real Deal Blues Band was founded by Hani Alayli around a dedicated core of Blues lovers, back in 1997. The band’s mission is to play real blues music and to maintain a tradition of the Chicago groove to local audiences. They have performed abroad & in all major Lebanese venues, and are considered the foremost representatives of Blues music on the local scene.

The band’s set covers many facets of Blues, Jazz and Soul, some of them original compositions -where dynamics and feelings are the name of the game. The RDBB performance is a living statement of the classic 50’s Blues club ambiance: torrid, intimate and musical. A celebration of a collective soul, drenched in a century-old music from Mississippi.

Event's Program


Limited seats are available. Book your ticket in advance.